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Mackenna Lee

Disembark, Grow, Illuminate.

The major arteries of New York City brings in perspective from all walks of life. Consider Manhattan, the central borough and a hive of people going to work, walking about Central Park, and attending university. Manhattan is fed by New Jersey, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and neighboring communities who congregate on the island ritualistically.

Here is our trading table, where we transfer ideas and actions with our neighbors from near and far.

Our exchange is on display for all others to appreciate or disparage. We share culture, space, and burdens of proximity.

I deposit value from all the New York exchanges I encounter, even ones often tagged as destructive. When I was robbed, I gained understanding on the livelihoods of those pushed to the margins. Folks that enter a closed dwelling to steal jewelry and silverware, take a sense of security, but also broadcast inequalities. Few yearn to take, as most of our impassioned figures throughout history have been creators.

Theft can indicate greed, but it more commonly is laced with desperation.

Manhattan delivers us value in our interactions, value in understanding and tolerance. A city known for its brusqueness should be known for its honesty. When an opinion voiced, it may appear impolite to those accustomed to a pop-sugar soundtrack.

Here, the city roars with genuine expression, however tactless. Here, we celebrate contributions and evolution. It’s a hungry city, always looking for the next feast.

There’s a pastoral beauty in harboring endless land to watch a sunset. Nature fills the soul, but the human dance, of existing, thriving, and growing is best practiced in melange.


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