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Mackenna Lee

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On a societal level, we are evaluating what is “essential”. Who works when it’s not safe to work? What products are deemed necessary to get by? Which activities truly drive and create happiness?

We’ve long cataloged and organized thought around what we “need”. Going beyond the physical and dietary requirements for health and safety, facets of our survival must derive from our mental sanctuary as well.

News is deemed “essential” information. Statistics supporting the stories are deemed “essential” data. When the population is pelted with endless essential information, we ought to filter what is reasonable.

Sifting through what is essential to be knowledgeable and what is essential for solace is walking a tightrope. The strength by which you must clutch a north-pointing mindset tests our grip on optimism.

Data hunger and satiety easily swing between ravenous and overly full. Instinctual curiosity and concern drives further exploration, but the downtrodden slant leaves us pushing articles away. News organizations own the culpability, feeding us the highly-processed gloom-rich diets that we cannot help but pick off the shelf. But self-control lies with each individual, and awareness on when not to click a headline can coax our brain into rest in favor of relentless pursuit.

Is the onus on us to take on all available information and to “handle it”? Or is it on institutions to spotlight variety in the shelves?

A natural question comes to whether our news sources are holders of information or headlines. There’s certainly an aspect of reporting the facts, but which facts are provided when undoubtedly moves the population to a certain conclusion.

So far, our news-hungry audiences are doled the expectation of lucidity to activate and inform others. Rarely is the onus placed on news to design the information with the readers reaction in mind.

Who is responsible for the all–encompassing narrative of our human condition? We have folk on-tap to ensure our survival, but who is plotting a safe passage for our mind and hearts? If we are wayfaring our own peace, we must be thoughtful about the channels we tune our brain with and how our consumption might impact our behavior, mood, and passivity.

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