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The Trouble with Courage

It can bother me when people point to Steve Jobs being fired from Apple in 1985 and claim, LOOK EVEN STEVE JOBS FAILED. He was fired from his own company.

Well, sure. But he also was a millionaire at 23. He had (infamous) confidence in his abilities and years of success behind him.

Being let go from Apple was not desirable, but there are worse positions to be in.

Comparing one’s pitfalls to Steve Jobs being fired from Apple is mocking, considering his idolatry in certain circles.

Steve Jobs also had whirlwind momentum early in his career giving him a cushion of network and financial security to rest on until he moved to his next mission. He was brilliant in his own way, and he broke ground early enough to be able to afford a pause when his career threw him a curveball.

Then there is the rest of us, who seesaw the comfort of average existence and enticement of exceptionalism.

I find it hard to relate to well-known figures because their knowingly path ends in the stars. When looking from above, it is much simpler to target periods of obscurity and denote their usefulness for “growth”.

The view is always better from the top. What is harder is knowing you are destined for your dreams when your fate is still unsold.

Now that you’ve settled on the charted ascension, it is a matter of valuing your dream as worthy of others’ attention and time. Risking eye-rolls, how can you tell others that you might change the world? Maybe.

The trouble with courage is to keep it alight when others smother it.

Courage is a self-fed prophecy.


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